The flight of the trees

It was the weekend of Tutti Santi, people had left Rome massively and were now on their massive way back. Hundreds of red luminous dots flew away from us, while a stream of white dots was about to overflow us.

fleeing lights 2

We sat in our little dark car room and listened concentratedly to the radio: A low voice listed all the traffic jams in the country – they were everywhere, the whole of Italy seemed to be trapped in one big traffic jam.

My daughter kept telling us she was bored, also when the voice finally mentioned our jam.
“What did he say, what did he say?!” cried my husband desperately, but we had lost the valuable moment; my daughter’s problem needed to be solved.

“It is good to be bored,” I told her, “it is healthy for the brain” as I had read somewhere.


She was silent.

In the silence I stared at the lights through the window and all of a sudden I saw Italy from above: A cemented country covered by infinite serpentines of cars, signalling luminous red and white messages into the universe. The next image that came to my mind came from a completely different place … it were the trees I had been photographing for the last couple of months now without knowing why, but suddenly I understood:

They are preparing a flight, a massive, complete flight away from the mechanic metal creatures that have conquered the world and cause so much sorrow.

Yes a real flight, just like birds, animals, humans flee…


Trees though are not supposed to be able to run away evolutionary speaking, but apparently the circumstances had forced them to at least try so, cause when you observe them closely it becomes more than evident that they are getting prepared.

Many have actually developed “legs” and a some have already taken a careful first step.

one big step

Others have turned on their heads in order to make their “legs” grow freely long and strong up in the air.op de kop, legs already in the air

A few are trying different techniques, like corkscrewing yourself out of the ground.ik draai me de grond uit The courageous ones have already started moving, in unnoticed, unobvious ways.

crossing the river


splitting up

splitting up in two (they, i.e. us, will not notice)

tree falling almost from clif

free climbing

Are they planning to leave us here all alone with our streets and cars?

“I don’t think my brains like it”, my daughter interrupted my thoughts, “I actually think they are getting sick of it”
“Of what?”
“Of being bored.”

Maybe she is right. Maybe I am also not able to be bored. Maybe I also always need something I can play with…at least  in my head.
“Let’s make pictures”, I told her.
“Of what?” my husband exclaimed.

pic outside 2

pic outside

fleeing lights 1

Was I going nuts or were the lights also fleeing away, away from the cars…

fleeing lights 3

There was no time to think this through, cause we were starting to move faster and faster: The street was open again, the jam was behind us. But while we raced ahead I kept thinking about the fleeing trees.

From now on I would keep an extra close eye on them.
Maybe when the moment has arrived, I can follow them…


running man 40 30

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